Who are entitled to the services?

The following criteria must be met to qualify for VIRK┤s services:

  • An individual who is unable to do his/her job or participate in the labour market due to barriers caused by health problems and has a referral from a physician
  • The goal of the individual is to become an active participant in the labour market or to increase his/her participation in the labour market
  • The service is likely to be effective at the point in time when it is provided

In addition, it is important that:

  • The individual is willing and able to actively participate in the vocational rehabilitation. He/she must be able to perform routine daily activities and be an active participant in his/her own vocational rehabilitation
  • Collaboration takes place with other parties involved in the individual┤s care, e.g. his/her primary care physician and other treatment specialists
  • The individual has a good relationship with his/her workplace if employed


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