Important Information

In order to access VIRKĹs services you need to have impaired health and a certified medical certificate from your GP that states so, or your GP can complete an application for VIRK services on your behalf.

After your GP has submitted your application you will receive a message from VIRK asking you to log on to äMÝnar SÝ­urô on our new information system.á

There you will be asked to complete a series of questions that relate to your social status, education and employment status and general background information.

You will also be asked about your current health impairments that relate to your vocational rehabilitation.

If you have any problems completing the questionnaire then you can phone 535-5700 for assistance.

Wating for Services - a short informative viedo

Here is a link to the Informed consent which you will have to agree to when you first log in. This simply gives VIRK permission to speak with your GP and other therapist with regards to your vocational rehabilitation.

And here you can access the Participation contractáthat you will sign before you begin your vocational rehabilitation at VIRK.á

Further information ináFAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


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