Information for first interview

Welcome to the preparation of your first interview with a VIRK counselor.

Foráa short introduction about the services VIRK provides click here.áPlease find below three PDF documents:Basic information, Screening and Assessment of abilitiesö that you will need to fill out, print or save and bring with you to the interview.

How to save and fill out a document:

  1. Right click on ôOpen/save documentö and choose ôsafe link/target asö and save the document on your computer.

  2. Close your browser.

  3. Open the document you saved, answer the questions, print it or save it again.á Please note: not all computer can save a completed document on to their computer, therefore test it first by only filling out your name and saving it before you complete each document. á áá

If you are having trouble with answering some questions, saving or printing out the document your counselor will help you.

  • äBasic informationô In this document you will be asked to write down information regarding your social status, education, work history and other qualification or strengths. áOpen/save document

  • äScreeningôIn this document you will be asked to write information about your health that may impact your vocational rehabilitation. Open/save document

  • áäAssessment of abilitiesö This document with the basic information and the screening document will assist you and your counselor to find appropriate approaches for vocational rehabilitation. Open/save document

Click here for the Informed assessment that you will be asked to sign in your first interview with a counselor.


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