End of services

After completing the vocational rehabilitation, most individuals enter into paid employment, active job search, or studies that qualify for student loans. In other cases, a work ability assessment will take place at end of VIRK┤s services (see below). The results from the work ability assessment may be used as the foundation for decision making in relation to the individual┤s right to permanent benefit payments from the appropriate institutions/government bodies. Therefore it is important that the individual complete the vocational rehabilitation program, either by participating in the labour market (paid employment, active job search, or studies that qualify for a loan) or by completing a work ability assessment at the completion of the vocational rehabilitation.

Work ability assessment

If the individual is unable to fully participate in the labour market at the conclusion of VIRKĺs services, an assessment will be carried out of his/her current status and options, a so called ôwork ability assessmentö. Here the individual┤s strengths and opportunities are assessed, as well as barriers identified, that could prevent him/her from active employment. In the work ability assessment the specialists evaluate the results of the vocational rehabilitation program and consider the following factors:

  • Has vocational rehabilitation been fully tried?
  • Does the individual have sufficient work capabilities to be able to participate in a paid employment on the labour market and if so, to what extent?

Furthermore, results from the work ability assessment may be sent to parties responsible for permanent pension payments according to laws and agreements on the labour market.


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